Hello and welcome from Kim and Jeanne Hadwen at Merryville Farm

Our farmstead was deeded in 1815 to Irish immigrants and has really only seen a handful of ownership in all that time. We ourselves have been here for over 30 years and have tried to be good stewards of land and buildings.

Please enjoy a pictorial "Get to Know Ya"

Introducing our farm & farm family.

The Homestead

Diago the Milking  Cow busy grazing (making milk).

Diago the Farm Milk Cow

The Meadow

The Farm Guardians

Snow capped fence & bird houses.
Ida & Berky ( in love)
Tony the Mule enjoying the snow.

The Ladies and their Babies

The Boys out grazing.

Mister in about his 35th - 40th year.
One of the Egg Laying Ladies

Daisies in the Field

So that is us in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.