Sleigh Rides

          Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides

We are NOT offering sleigh rides this winter do to time commitments.
Please check this site periodically in the future to see if we have re-instated them.
Thank you and

and all the best in the

We have left the sleigh ride information, time schedule and price below ( subject to change )
and if and when we start them up again it will be posted above. Thank you.


We only do sleigh/wagon rides over the Christmas Holidays, weather permitting.
We pick one day prior to Christmas & one day prior to New Years
and fill the 1/2 hour time slots with bookings.

Our large wagon/sleigh holds approximately 12 people.  
We use 4 horses a breast to pull our sleigh/wagon for a unique ride experience.

Our usual teams in harness are Pete & Jake on the outside, Tom & Jerry in the middle.

Rides are 1/2 hour long and leave from the front of the farm and go south to the woods then up the big hill for a fantastic view to the north of the Oak Hills.

We also have a two seater old fashioned cutter we use for "Romantic Rides", popular around Valentines Day but appropriate for any occasions designed for 2 people. ( This is offered only when time allows.)

Whether a sleigh, wagon, or cutter ride the cost is

                $75.00 per half hour ride.

          You must book well in advance.

To book a ride or for more information please

             contact Kim or Jeanne at


You are also able to stay in our warm area while you
await your ride.

Below are a few more pictures of either sleigh,

wagon, or cutter rides & the scenery you will


To the right is a picture of Pete & Jake being

driven by Kim. A couple was out for a romantic

but cold Valentines ride.


The south woods.
The view from top of hill

To the left is Mule Tony enjoying a beautiful

snowy day.

The Homestead after the ice storm of 2013

The poor trees were ladden with ice for almost

2 weeks but bounced back OK once it melted.

More fence line

The fence line

Some times the farm Guardians

like to follow along for the journey.

They will certainly be left back at

the barn is you don't wish their


Please click on any picture to enlarge

to full screen.

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