Horse Seminars


A student spreading manure on veggie garden.

Kim teaching with the team at a college seminar.

Our horse seminars are one on one and are offered  year round weather & time permitting.

 They are geared for the novice teamster wanting to learn to drive and work with horses, the more experienced teamster who wishes to hook multiples or for someone who would just like to spend the day with a draft horse on the farm.

The morning starts with hands on harnessing and horse information.  You then move to the field for your day of driving.  Be it plowing, discing, cultivating, planting, scuffling, harvesting etc....

A student plowing with 4 abreast and a pioneer plow
Depending on time of year and your personal
interest we try to gear your day to the horse activity your most interested in.

We have several different plows available to use, whether its for field work, the garden or competition.

We also have quite a few different vegetable gardengadgets to try from plows, to cultivators, mulchers, scufflers, harrows, etc...

Student & Kim using a culti-mulcher

Our horses we use to teach students are seasoned workers.

They are older horses, most of which have worked their lives

 on Amish or Mennonite farms, so they are well broke and use

to a days work.

 Living on our farm is like a retirement or a well deserved

holiday as we don't ask them to work long hours and we

change them up through the day if necessary.

Kim & student Bob spreading manure with 4 horses

We generally always have sets of harness for sale
and as a sub-dealer for Pioneer farm equipment
we have a good supply of horse drawn field
equipment, forecarts, eveners, tonques, neck
yokes and other parts like seats and cup holders
to customize your cart.

 If we don't have what you want we can usually get it. See the Pioneer Equipment  heading of this Blog for a more detailed list of items.

          During the Day of Your Course


                Limited spots available

   Cost is  $150.00 for the day 9 am to 4 pm.

                           TO BOOK A SEMINAR CALL: 613-969-1345 or 613-968-8019

We will leave you with a few more pictures of the different things you can try with your horses in a work or
leisure capacity. Once you learn to drive and use these Gentle Giants you will wonder how you got along without 1 or 2 of them ( or a barn full ).  If you don't already have a team of your own we sometimes
have some older, quiet horses to sell. If you are also ever in the market for that great rural property to move
to, Kim would be pleased to help you with any information you might require. To view his current listings click

Our 11 year old Grandson plowing

Planting a market garden with horses.

Sleigh Rides

Potato planting

Corn picker

Plowing with Tom & Jerry, student Dave driving.

Out on pasture


Kim Hadwen, Century 21