The Farm Meat Shoppe


As of December 2012 the Farm Meat Shoppe CLOSED its door after more than 10 years in business.

Again I would like to say THANK YOU to all our loyal customers that supported THE FARM MEAT SHOPPE for the past 10 years. You all knew the reasons we chose to close and your well wishes and support has meant a lot to us.

Kim's venture into Real Estate has been very good & mine as his office manager has been good as well!

If anyone visiting this site is looking for wholesome, antibiotic free, GMO free, naturally fed, meat (Beef, Pork, Chicken) the only recommendation I can make is to:

              1.) Google Harvest Hastings for a list of  area farmers and their practices
              2.) Ask around
              3.) Raise your own

If you are ever thinking of a property to raise your own food then Kim would be pleased to assist you. To see his current listings check out:

We have left the original entry about the store at the end of this page as a history of what we did for the 10 years after being Dairy Farmers for 30 years. It might be informative for anyone thinking of doing something similar. 

The Farm Meat Shoppe has been in operation now for about ten years.

We sell our very own home raised Black Angus Meat and Berkshire Pork.

Our Meat is antibiotic and hormone free and our animals are fed crops we raise at home on the farm.  We DO NOT grow genetically modified (Google GMO) crops.  All our meat is government inspected.

All our beef cattle are on pasture from May until November.  Beef is sent to our butcher (Hastings Meat Packers) between 18-24 months of age and is aged for 14 days for optimum taste and quality.

Our Pigs are raised indoors/outdoors as weather permits - they are free to enjoy routing and sunbathing as is natural for them to do.  They also go to Hastings Meat Packers. Pork is available by the side or whole for your freezer.

For those interested in raising their own pork we sell piglets and breeding stock.

You can purchase both Beef & Pork by the piece every Wednesday at our farm store from 10am - 6pm.  ( Now Closed )

( When we originally opened we were 6 days a week 9am to 6pm and a beef a month. Within the first year we were a beef a WEEK and had to scale back our hours due to demand. We only had so much product and would only sell our own because we new how it had been raised.)

The store also carries Empire Cheese & Curds, Sandy Flats Maple Syrup and Maple Butter, Twin Sisters Honey and CIPM Organic Spelt, Rye, Red Fife, and Buckwheat Flour.

We also sell our own farm fresh eggs and natural grain fed roasting chickens.

We grow and pick from our own vegetable garden in season to sell in store.  We have potatoes & carrots throughout the winter while quantities last.

All our vegetables are pesticide, herbicide, fungicides, and chemically free!