Pioneer Horse Equipment


We are local suppliers for Pioneer Horse Drawn Equipment
Pioneer is made in Dalton, Ohio by the Wengerd Family

This exceptionally well made modern farm equipment is ideal for  people
wanting to farm with horses. Whether it is a back yard garden and one horse,
a market garden endeavor with a team or larger scale farming were you 
hitch multiples, there is equipment for every venue.

75 HP Forecart, 4 Horses abreast, cutting hay

As we fill this page with information I will insert photos of different pieces of machinery
 we already use on our farm. At the end of that we will list the pages from the
 Pioneer Equipment Catalogue.

   We will also identify other pieces of machinery from other manufacturers that we use on the farm. We also use "vintage" equipment that works as is or we have modified to work, some we own, some borrowed .

cutting hay with 9' discbine
We were first introduced to Pioneer Equipment about 10 years ago when we attended our very first Horse Progress Days.  Because of that experience we chose to incorporate our Belgian horses and our mules into helping work the farm & land. It has been a very rewarding endeavour and we continue to learn about & add new equipment as it becomes available.
In these pictures Kim is cutting hay with 4 horses
abreast pulling him on the 4 wheeled motorized 75hp forecart from Pioneer. It will handle every-thing that our 75hp White tractor did. The forecart
has Hydraulic Crab steering ( all 4 wheels turn)
which keeps you on your row with very little effort.
Cart has crab steering for row accuracy

4 horses across
Raking hay with forecart and rotory rake
Here Kim is raking hay with the same

4 wheeled forecart with crab steering.

4 horses across with the 4 wheeled crab steering

75 hp forecart from Pioneer baling with a

John Deere 330 Round Baler.

Planting veggies
Planting potatoes

Planting vegetables at left using a 2 wheeled Pioneer forecart with a 12 volt hydraulic system with an I & J   3 point hitch adaptor and a New Holland Transplanter. At right we are planting potatoes with an old vintage planter.

Seed bed ready for planting
Mulching seed bed
Helping work a friends market
garden with a multi cultivator from
Shipshewana Farm Supply in
Indiana. It leaves a fabulous seed
bed for planting. You can get it in
many widths. We used this one
between the rows of our Pick-Your-
Own Garden for weed control.

                                                     At left horses are attached directly
            to a vintage Hohn Deere K spreader we use for the house garden. At right Kim uses the
              75 hp four wheeled forecart on the big John Deere 450 Hydraulic Push Spreader.
Spreading on Veggie Garden
Field spreading Manure

Exercising the Mules
Heading out to plow
At left Kim heads to the field for a
few hours of plowing with the
Pioneer Foot Plow with a 12"
Kneverland bottom, using a 4 horse
equalizer lets one horse in the furrow
& 3 horses on the land. At right he is
using a Pioneer Forecart modified
with a Fuhr Spring torsion suspension.
          ( one smooth ride!)

Kids cart available
Trying out the Kids cart

We are generally able to get kids
wagons for their pony's. At right one
of the grandkids takes their pony and wagon for a spin.

Moving large round bales
Log arch
   Above an older type bale mover at left holds up to 3 bales. Will dump in pile or willstand them up using the hydraulics from the forecart. At right is a homemade log arch. Pioneer makes a good model. See catalogue pages below.


                         We can get this smaller but handy Lancaster Spreader for your Homestead.



           For a catalogue or to place an order call 613-969-7591 or stop by the farm.
                                                              ( Best to call ahead )



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