Vegetable Plots

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 For 4 years we ran a successful garden plot area where people could grow their own healthy food. It merged nicely with the anibiotic free, GMO free, naturally fed meat we sold at the Farm Meat Shoppe. People were sad to see the gardens close as well as the store. But with reasons explained everyone understood and wished us well.

Two of the Grow Your Own Garden Plots that folks planted, tended, harvested and ate from while we offered this service. They had a lot of fun with family and friends with sunshine and exercise as well.

There is something so rewarding in growing your own produce and preserving it the way our ancestors did before us. To grow it without the aid of chemicals, herbicides and fungicides. To know that what my grandkids pop in to their mouths is full of nutrition and not poison.

If you have a spot in your own yard we encourage you to give it a try, its great exercise, very relaxing, and a wonderful way to spend time with your family. You will also be teaching your kids a very great lesson in knowing where their food comes from and the pride of a life skill that so many are missing today.

If you currently don`t have the room for a vegetable garden and are ever thinking of a move to a rural property where you could raise your own produce and animals as well, Kim would be pleased to assist you and offer any knowledge on the subject that would be helpful. To see his current farm or rural listings check out: 

If you truly cannot grow your own or just plain don`t want to, then we can suggest a couple of alternatives.

1.) Source a CSA ( Community Sustainable Agriculture) one that grows with natural or organic tendencies.            A good one I can suggest is to Google: Strattons Farm Stirling.

2.) Check out, Google: Harvest Hastings to source out other farm gardens.

Strawberries from our own raised bed.

Carrots picked in late March (over wintered). 


I leave the description below that we used in our garden plots / pick your own for interest only. If you were ever going to do the same thing it may give you some ideas.



"Don't have a big enough yard for a veggie garden or the right kind of soil or you just want to plant more?"

Come and spend the summer with your loved ones growing healthy vegetables for fresh eating, canning, preserving, freezing or winter storage.

                  NO HERBICIDES
                  NO FUNGICIDES ALLOWED

Prices start at $100.00 for the summer for a 10'x50' plot and goes up $25.00 for each additional 5' width.

Gardens are all ready for you to plant by May 24th (weather permitting) and harvest finishes approx mid October.  Water is supplied.

You supply your own seed, (untreated please) plant, water and harvest your own produce.

For more information or to sign up please either
or visit the Farm Meat Shoppe   ( Now Closed )

Plots are limited - We are taking bookings  ( Now Closed )