About us

Our names are Kim & Jeanne Hadwen. We began our farming career together more than 40 years ago. (We both have farming childhoods as well)
We ran a very busy dairy farm for 30 years.  Milking 80 cows twice a day, 7 days a week and cropping 800 acres.  As our 2 children grew they worked with us after school, weekends and summers.  It was a hard life but rewarding.
The children wanting to go their own way saw Mom and Dad physically unable to keep up the pace.

Kim's Real Estate picture (him with his plow team Pete & Jake)
We downsized to beef cattle, pigs, laying chickens, meat chickens and much less acreage.  

Farming is in our blood and something keeps us working the long hours and 7 days a week.  I think its the companion of animal friends, mother nature and the satisfaction of raising your own food and knowing were it comes from.

This sustainable way of farming also allows us to work our fields with our much loved Belgian Draft Horses.

These days we are focusing most of our energies helping others find that wonderful piece of rural property or farm to call their own. Kim has been a Century 21 Real Estate agent for a few years now & is enjoying every moment of it. I (Jeanne) do the photography and descriptions for the listed properties and help entertain little ones while Mom & Dad have an uninterrupted look at what may be their next home. It is a pleasure to work with such nice people we meet along the way.

To have a look at the properties Kim currently has listed please click www.century21.ca/kim.hadwen
and it will lead you to Kim's professional website.

We still maintain a large vegetable garden & can all our own produce. We still raise our own beef, pork and chicken. We milk the cow when time allows other wise her calf, our relief milker gets it all.
We grow all the feed our animals require. We cut/chop & burn wood in our outdoor wood furnace. Field work is done with the Belgian horses as time allows.

If I find a picture with us both in it I,ll post it some day. Usually I am always behind the camera. 

Any questions about farming, horse drawn equipment, horses, mules, gardening or real estate, please contact us at 613-969-7591.

Please enjoy our Blog.


Kim & Jeanne Hadwen