July & August 2017


           Horse tread mill demonstration being done by
             ole' Tom at O'hara Mill Heritage Day 2017

What a great day back at O'hara Mill Heritage Day on July 23rd. The weather was fine, cool and sunny for the most part. Lots of people came to enjoy the O'hara Homestead and to see the Mill in operation. Sir John A. McDonald and his wife made an appearance as well to wish one and all a Happy 150th to Canada!

O'Hara Mill is hosting a Draft Horse Day on August the 6th where there    will be demonstrations throughout the day of horse drawn farm equipment from the 1800's and up. Great place to spend the day! O'hara Mill is run by dedicated volunteers and they do a fabulous job of up keep and hosting special events throughout the year. Check out their website at: www.ohara-mill.org

Whether you are from the area or passing through, August the 23rd & 24th it's time again for the Hastings County Plowing Match and Farm Show. A great place to spend a day or maybe two to see it all. Something for everyone. Link to there website for more information www.hastingsfarmshow.ca

Ended up in the Village of Warkworth  a couple of weeks ago on a Tuesday afternoon and found a great group of stores to visit in the area. Stop by the Village Pantry or The General to find something for yourself or a special gift, or maybe the Cheeky Bee. Good places to eat, antique hunt or stop by Glovers Market. Had a Kawartha Dairy ice cream cone at the Bakery, YUM!

Heard that the Tall Ships were docked in Bath Ontario in honour of Canada's 150th a few weeks back. They have been making their rounds to different ports this summer so we took a drive down to have a look. Magnificent! One of the Grandkids and our Daughter went for a 2 hour cruise on the largest of the ships with replica crew and sailing songs to boot! They loved it.

The rainy weather continues as does the effort of trying to hay in such conditions. Not much the farmers can do about it - it's just the way it is. Hard to believe that August is here and a lot of folks still don't have hay off or if they do it isn't the quality they would have liked.  Doesn't seem to matter if you check TV, radio, computer or phones they all report something different than the other. Very hard to gauge if you should cut or not.

A pretty shot of the pasture field much greener than it was in the drought of last year.


Ended June's blog with a "Tail End" shot of a group of beef cows - so figured the horses should have equal billing for the July/August Blog.

                                                                  Until next time,

                                                                   Jeanne & Kim


JUNE 2017


           VERY HAPPY 
           CANADA DAY
        WISHES TO YOU,

Not too much to report on for the month of June. Hoping that fathers and father figures all had a happy day back on the 18th of the month. 

Rain continues, and continues and continues, wrote about this on Kim's site, go to: www.century21.ca/kim.hadwen and click on blog.

Have only a few pictures to post this month. The first was from a trip to a local water way. I know it has rained and rained but I had never seen such a sight of mosquitoes as the one my friend and I found along 8 miles of shoreline. If they aren't showing up in photo it's worth enlarging to see!

These flying critters were everywhere and surrounding our car for quite a few miles. I prayed we didn't  have a breakdown as we would have been eaten alive! 

The next is a photo of the beautiful gardens of SUNNY SLOPE MARKET at 450 Foxboro Road, Foxboro. Pictured here is the floral part of the garden. They sell cut flowers by the bunch or already in vases ready to go - all at very reasonable prices!
They also had the most wonderful strawberries and they have a great choice of other in season vegetables as the season unfolds, GROWN ORGANICALLY. They have some fruit in season as well like peaches and apples.

Came out the back door the other night to be greated by this cheery rainbow. It was a double but alas I was too late to catch them both.

This photo shows just how high the pastures had grown with all the rain. Hay fields are even higher at this point and well past the time they should be cut but the ground is way to wet to lay it down and it will never dry until the sunshine returns. So we wait. 

The last picture struck me as too funny as to not whip out my phone and snap a shot! 

So as the picture indicates this is the END for the June blog.

Until next time, 

Jeanne & Kim


May 2017

                 Wishing Mothers  -  Grandmothers
                             and Mother figures
                    a Very Happy Day on May 14th!

And here we are in the Month of May. The first 1/2 has been extremely wet and rather on the cold side. The planting of crops has been set back measurably and when things turn around the farmers will be trying to make up for lost time. May everyone be careful when tractors and equipment get into full swing. 

Here at the farm we have 6 calves born from 5 cows - yes a set of twins! We have 2 mom's still to go and one that is open so no calf for her this year. Calves are all well and enjoying chasing each other around on the hill.

The pastures have been somewhat under water for the past week or so - so the days the horses can get out on the hill are joy filled days. To the left is a picture of the foal "Ruby" that was born back in January enjoying a sunny day and a photo of the "Raging Moira River" that was zipping by at the "Mother of all Craft Shows" at the Corby Distillery last weekend. I think it was a great turn out despite the weather! Join them next year on May 6th 2018.

I'm sure that most folks have heard about the "hot" real estate market that has hit the area.

 For whatever the reason there are more buyers than sellers at the moment for both rural and in town properties. It has kept us very busy and introduced us to some very nice folks. I think that has to be one of the greatest things about the work - the nice people we get to work with.

To view Kim's current listings click:

The bones of this wreath were made a few years ago by a lovely women that we met at the Horse Progress Days in the States. I add seasonal tid-bits as the months go by and as it says, may you have a "HAPPY SPRING."

May you enjoy Mothers Day and the Victoria long weekend when it gets here. 

May the winds be gentle and the sun shine to dry up the fields for crops. 

Until next time, 

Jeanne & Kim


April 2017

There Goes the Easter Bunny..............................................

and the month of April as well. Both March and April have flown by....but sure is nice to have the longer and brighter days! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend and lots of time to spend with friends and family. There was nice weather for the most part to enjoy outdoor activities.

Here at the farm we are once again awaiting the arrival of newborn calves. 8 Moms, each of which look as big as a house. Should start arriving soon and go into May before all are here. Will hopefully have pictures for the May Blog.

Manure spreading has started in earnest, cleaning out the barns and stored sh..! Feeding onto the fields to help whatever crop that will be planted to grow with natural fertilizer.

As cold as March was - April has been WET. 
 Not complaining at all. After last years drought all the moisture that is being sent back into the ground is a good thing. 
It does make for some pretty muddy days here at the farm.
 My new  - FANCY rubber boots are extra tall and so far able to handle the rain and farm atmosphere.


Some like to get muddier than others here on the 

 All the grandkids
like to ride 4 wheelers. 

The older ones like a 
"challenge" they tell me.

All fine and dandy if they 
did their own laundry!

Machines, clothes and 
people all needed a major
cleanup after this outing.


Still one of my favourite pictures.

As we handle all the rain remember the old adage:

           APRIL SHOWERS 


           MAY FLOWERS !

Until next time, 

                            Jeanne & Kim

P.S.  Link here to check out Kim's latest real estate listings: www.century21.ca/kim.hadwen


March - 2017

                          Lamb or Lion ?

        The first day of March started off in the lion category but by noon seemed more of a lamb - so not sure where that will leave us for the last day of March if the statement is true about entering like one and leaving as the other, time will tell!

        As we leave February behind it is with great fondness as we enjoyed some pretty spectacular warm temperatures in the waning days. It was incredulous to see the large flocks of Robins all scrounging under different berry bushes in the neighbourhood and 100 up -  Canadian Geese in the lower front field day after day. I said to one of the grandkids that I'll know it's Spring when I see my first Red Winged Black bird - just 24 hours later I did. Amazing, never before in February had I seen that!

So what does all that mean? Are we truly out of the woods and warmer weather coming? This first full weekend of March had us plunged back down into the deep freeze! Once again, just enjoy each day as it comes as we certainly have no control over the weather and it's kind of interesting to watch how things unfold.

While walking with my canine buddy in the last snows of February it was neat to see the cool tracks we left in our wake. If you didn't know a snowshoe-r went by you might think there was a Sasquatch in the area!

Don't know how this photo will show itself in the blog, you may have to enlarge it to see the sparkle that I saw. The wind had blown the snow into what looks like waves and with the sun shining brightly and the warmth of the day it was a spectacular outing.

The cows are venturing out of their warm run in area and spending more and more time up on the hill as the days are warming. They, like the horses and mules, will all be glad when the sweet grasses begin to green up.

 Seen here is one of the newer members of our mule family "Tammy" who wouldn't come too close but was wondering what a camera was. 

She and her hitch partner "Patsy" are getting along fine with  "Dolly and Loretta."  Yes - all 4 hail from Tennessee -  hence their Country singer names. Not too original but we like 'em.

We have another new addition that will be hanging out at the farm occasionally and that's our grandkids new puppy that they get when he is 8 weeks old - seen here at just 4 weeks of age. He's a real cutie.

I will leave a link here for anyone interested in our current farm, home and rural listings http://www.century21.ca/kim.hadwen once there click on My Listings on top of page. The market is especially strong this spring and looks set to continue.

Until next time,   Jeanne & Kim


February 2017

                            Here we are!  Valentines 2017. 

Once again in the months, then weeks, then days leading up to Valentines Day - I try to be attentive

 to the magical practice of looking for HEART clues that are all around us. I figure these are present

all year long and I truly forget to take notice - but when you do it's amazing how many you can spot.

If you have checked this blog out in the past you will notice in

the FEBRUARY's of previous years we have collected quite a

few signs over a period of time. This year was no exception.

While out on a walk with my canine friend I couldn't help but

notice this amazing dried weed (uncultivated flower) that was

bravely standing through a new fallen snow - it's seed pods

stretched out like a little tree full of hearts.

This HEART find was a nifty accident. While

trying to maintain "unbroken yolks" I turned

back to the pan after disposing of shells to find

this heart shaped egg reminder of the special day.
I suppose one could say it also looks like Mickey Mouse ears but I prefer to see the heart shape!

The last HEART shape reminder that I was lucky enough to uncover this year was not so much an accidental find as it was a planned sign of love from cherished family members. Two of the grandkids set me up with a wonderful picture of HEART HANDS!  Thanks, guys!

As we await the first signs of Spring to follow in a few weeks take time through out February to chase away the BLAHS with some Valentine Fun, Family Day Fun - and some outdoor winter activity to boost the mood.

Until next time,                      We leave you with recent photos of Mom  "Olympia"
                                               and her daughter "Ruby" -  having fun in the snow!
Jeanne & Kim

As always you can link from here www.century21.ca/kim.hadwen to view Kim's current farm, land and rural listings. Once there click on "My Listings" at top of page. Thanksyou.



                           WOW here we are
                               with 2016 under our belt and a
                            brand new year  - 2017 to explore!

The time seems to fly by - the hours, days, months then years... sometimes we lament this but upon reflection maybe if we could live more in "the moment" it would slow down. If your like us and your schedule seems to be so full of work, commitments and family and you are always checking the calendar for "future" engagements it's no wonder that it's easy to watch time "fly by."

We are all sent trials to face and hopefully everyone receives some joy along the way as well. Here at the farm we don't really make New Years Resolutions but maybe we will remember to embrace the joy filled times a little more and continue to offer support to one another through the trials.


One of the first joy filled events of 2017 was Belgian filly foal - baby "RUBY."  Mama Oympia and daughter are doing well. Our daughter has been working with Ruby and she now leads well and loves the grandkids to come for a visit.

Ruby is pictured here at the right just a couple of weeks old. Will hopefully get a few more pictures of her in the next few weeks for February's blog.

The rains we have had the past couple of weeks all help to increase the water table, for which we are Thankful. Our friends near Barrie have been the recipients of MUCH snow and are tired of MOVING it. When you live ruraly or on a farm there is much more involved than just doing a driveway and sidewalk, especially if you have livestock as well.

 All the ice has not been a friend to many as well this season as we have heard of many slips and falls - me included.

We were able to hook the mules ( 4 abreast ) Dolly, Loretta, Patsy and Tammy on Christmas day for a sleigh ride and an afternoon of tobogganing. Was the one and only day we had enough snow for the activity. The grandkids were able to skate 3 days in a row on the lower fields when we got a cold snap and the ice harden smoothly. This doesn't always happen - if there is a breeze/wind as the temperatures drop then the ice is bumpy.

Will have to start looking in the next few weeks for my yearly clues for Valentines Day. ( there I go rushing life and looking ahead - see how easy it is to do! )

Any way HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and best wishes for a year of JOYFUL things to offset the trials.

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim

P.S. The Real Estate market for rural properties / farms has stayed very strong throughout 2016 and seems set to do the same in 2017. For a complete listing of the current properties we have available at the moment please link to: http://www.century21.ca/kim.hadwen