Wishing one and all a very
                      MERRY CHRISTMAS
                        HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Merryville Elvis "Gracie"

and all the best for a

Until next year,

Jeanne & Kim




                     Remembrance Day  -  November 11th


Not to much to report on the farm front. Corn harvest is done - what there was of it due to the drought. Fields have been plowed and disc-ed ready for livestock manure ( natures fertilizer ) to generate a good growth of next years chosen crop. 

Never did get a picture of chicks when they arrived and they now have their pin feathers and growing well. Cows and horses are in off tired pastures and up on higher ground before the snow comes. They are still enjoying warm days on the hill and evenings in their warm stable.

Dolly the mule with the long shadows of Autumn Days

Trees have been brilliant this season - some said they would not be because of the dry summer but they have been stunning. Will add a lovely picture in here when I manage to get it off my phone! Yay - I did it!

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim


OCTOBER - 2016

And here we are! If you, like us, thought September went fast then October literally FLEW by!
            We wish all the Trick or Treater's a safe and SPOOKTACULAR time on Halloween.

With only a few days of the month to go what a surprise we all got this past
Thursday with SNOW in the air.

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim




          SEPTEMBER GO !!!

Durham Plowing Match

Here we are, on the last day of the Month scrambling to have an authentic September Blog. Been a busy month here at the farm with Real Estate, general farming, animal care, fencing, laneway repairs, moving cattle from pasture to pasture, some late season haying (to help get enough for winter feeding due to the drought) farrier for horses and of course the odd plowing match to attend.

Wolfe Island Plowing Match & the Wind Turbines
We did get down to the International Match in Harriston Ontario for 4 days of plowing. Great people, great food, great weather, great time. Kim was reserve champion for the week.

Kids everywhere have made the transition from summer fun back to the class room and everyone is back into the "swing of things" by now.

Apparently the winter forecast is for much snow. I know it's not nice to travel in but we will need a lot of snow cover and Fall rains to help get the water table back up where it should be.

Most every Fall we also look forward to the arrival of the baby chicks. Grandkids enjoy the fuzzy little balls of fluff. Will get a picture for October blog. 

Gorgeous "reverse" sunset in the "eastern" sky
As we enter October and approach Thanksgiving may we all take a moment to be "Thankful."  Even in the hardest of times there is usually something we can focus on for gratitude.

Until next time, 

Jeanne & Kim



              IT'S TO LATE
      FOR MOST 2016 CROPS

Pasture in the first week of June
Same pasture only a few weeks later
We are indeed thankful for the rain's arrival as it will replenish low wells and maybe save some vegetable gardens or parts of.  It is apparent though in much of southern Ontario that the field crops  like hay for bales and haylage, corn for silage and grain corn and soybeans etc...for feeding animals and commodity sales are in horrible shape. For human consumption it's the large field vegetable crops for stores, farm stands and CSA (community shared agriculture)  boxes that have suffered. 

A wee "tree foil" plant survives while all  the grass around it dies!
The loss of these crops is a very serious financial problem for farm folks. The dairy & beef industry ( and other animals ) depend on the summer crops to be harvested for their winter meals. People are scrambling to locate other Ontario farmers that maybe had more rain than us to purchase harvested crops. Others have found hay and spoke for grain corn from other provinces. When you drive buy the fields notice that the corn is only knee or waist high, it should be way above ones head by now and filling out the cob. The plants themselves have lost so much nutrition with so many dry days that no amount of rain can put that back.

The marshes and the lives they support have also dried up. I can only imagine what has become of all the frogs, turtles, dragonflies etc...even the field mice and moles have been perishing in the fields as they have had no water to drink. 

Hopefully all will regain a "normal" balance as the summer continues and we can only hope that the season will even itself out. A winter full of snow will be needed to replenish the water table if we don't get enough rain by freeze up.

As the summer progresses we hope that most folks have had enjoyable holidays and time with kids home from school. For the most part it has been great weather for camping, swimming, cottages and all outdoor activities. 

The Hastings County Plowing Match and Farm Show is on the 24th and 25th of August this year and is always a great way to spend the day. If you venture out be sure to come and say hello to us out in the plow field and see Dolly and Loretta ( the mules).

As I write this Blog I am realizing there are only 3 weeks left until school starts again. Make the most of it before we all get back into the structure that September brings.

                      Until next time,
                      Jeanne & Kim

June / July 2016

Buttercup on Pasture
Well my best laid plans of once again putting up a blog monthly escaped me! I did indeed hand write this one at the end of June but here it is July 5th and I hadn't got it posted until today! Oh well, life wasn't meant to be so rigged. 

A real ole' fashioned RED Lady Bug!

As we approached the end of June we reflected on a whirl wind of a month. Hoping that all Dad's and Father figures enjoyed a wonderful day!

After we got over the up/down in temperature ( yes we too caved in and turned our furnace on a couple of mornings just long enough to take the chill out of the walls) the month of June seemed to level itself out a bit. Haying went well, we now await 2nd cut in July if the rains allow.

In our May blog I had been following the arrival of Robin eggs that she laid in a rather peculiar place. Kim said right from the start that the nest was to low and very vulnerable to predators. 4 eggs in total were laid. Mom and Dad did a wonderful job of hatching. All 4 wee ones arrived and grew to get their pin feathers. This is when tragedy struck. Our hearts were broken when we got up one morning and went for our walk only to find an empty nest and evidence of a scuffle. We will never know if it was a raccoon, fox, fisher or another larger bird. We finished our walk in silence and with heavy hearts. It was a reminder that Mother Nature is very beautiful but also VERY challenging. 

We are thankful for a busy real estate season and again have met so many nice people.

Every once in awhile I bump into a customer that use to come into our farm store and it's always delightful to catch up.

I wrote this Blog while sitting and observing the cows on pasture and they and their babies seem so content. There has been one more late arrival and we now have just one more to come. The horses and mules are seen here on an evening stroll.

Best head to the veggie garden and pull a few weeds.

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim


May 2016

              THE DOG DAYS OF ... MAY (?)

My canine friend having a "COOL DOWN"
Wow! It is May 28th as I enter this Blog entry and  Spring isn't over until June 21st yet it feels like summer already! Not complaining mind you, it's just that the farmer in me will always lament about to much heat - without the rain. Crops have all been planted in field and garden and await a "gentle" rain to germinate seeds. I'm sure it will come in time.   
             AND NOW THERE ARE ... SIX !

Mama watching over her hours old baby

We had the first 2 calves back in February (bulls) and it seems like an awful long time till the next arrivals but they're here! 4 calves born in 3 days! Three more bulls and a heifer. There are two more mom's to deliver - should be soon! 

Empty Nest
One Egg

 If you look real close at the picture on the left you will see that a robin has made her nest under the table of this bench. At first I thought one of the grandkids had put an old nest that they had found there but when it wouldn't budge I realized it was a new build.  Over the next 4 days we were 

Two Eggs
Three Eggs

amazed to see a new development every day.  From one egg,  to two eggs then  three eggs,  then four!  It's in an area that we have to go by once a day so we are hoping that she won't feel to disturbed and will continue to "sit" her nest. I will have a  follow up for the June blog.

Four Eggs

Fingers crossed - I will have baby bird pictures. 

 Rest assured  NO  picture is worth disturbing her and her family.

 Another funny thing that happened this Spring was on a walk I had one day with one of the dogs.  She started to bark and run ahead of me and I saw something moving in the fence row. It appeared to be the biggest darn squirrel that I had ever seen!     

 As man's best friend got closer to the critter in question it bounded up this tree - almost to the top! What I couldn't believe was - what it was - that had scurried up that tree so quick!     In all our rural living days I had never seen a "Ground Hog" climb a tree. 

 Sit on a fence post, yes, but not climb a tree. It has become a funny question to ask other farmer's and rural folks if they think a ground hog would climb a tree and most say "No" - then I show them my picture - see below!   

Biggest darn Squirrel I've ever seen!
Well that's all for the May Blog - probably won't do June entry until after Father's Day
so all you Dad's and Father Figures - HAVE A GOOD ONE!

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim

P.S. Real Estate has been very strong April through May on rural and farm properties. For a peek at Kim's current listings or to check out our FOLLOW THE FARM blog on Kim's Century 21 site link to: 



April 2016



Well we just might have turned the corner!  It suddenly feels like Spring! Went for a walk with my canine buddy today and the birds were singing and flying about happy as can be. The Robins sweet melody was floating on the breeze as was the beautiful whistle of the Red Wing Black Bird. The Killdeers were running here and there throughout the pasture field no doubt looking for a good place to lay their future eggs.

Hopefully this weekend we will remove the bales of straw away from the foundation of the house that we put there for extra insulation for the winter. It really helps keep old farmhouses warm. 

The patio furniture may make an appearance but won't be used yet as there is so much to do. Think I might put some radishes in the greenhouse and lettuce too. Maybe a good idea to uncover the garlic in the outdoor raised bed as well.

The long range looks great and even though the winter wasn't tough by Canadian standards it did seem to feel a wee bit long as the snow fell in April!

Hopefully we will have some pictures of the new calves for the May entry. All the Mom's look ready but the calendar delivery date says mid May. 

The months of March & April have been very busy for Real Estate. Anyone interested in checking out Kim's  website of current listings click on

We recently had a booth at the Quinte Farm Show and had a good day connecting with fellow farmers and rural folks.

Snapped a few pictures of these beautiful swans over Brighton way while there was still ice on the edges of the river. They look so peaceful floating along. You can't help but marvel at the fact that they can take the cold water temperatures!
Last evening we noticed that the sun was still shinning at almost 8:00 p.m. It is a great feeling when the days are longer and barn chores can be done without lights or lantern. Before you know it we will be planting field crops and the vegetable garden. 

As the grandkids hockey sticks get traded in for soccer balls and floor hockey and we throw in the odd baseball game at home - may everyone that's able - find some time to enjoy the outdoors. 

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim


March 2016

     I have kinda waited to the last minute this month to get my blog entry done as the days have been very busy! We started off with some very promising warm days and then winter let us know that it wasn't quite done with us yet as the temperatures dipped back down and the flurries and ice came back!

Alas it is the CHANGING month of March and SPRING will eventually get here. We still have only 2 early calves that were born in the barn in the warmth and there are 6 more to go but not due until the end of April or into May.

On a recent walk with the grandkids we surprised a group of  5 deer scavenging for some early spring grass shoots and none of us could get our cameras out fast enough to take a photo before 5 white tails went leaping over the fence. We didn't get the photo but it's a great memory of adventure!

The real estate has been VERY busy with many folks moving to the area from other parts of the country to find a farm or rural property in the lovely Quinte Area or anywhere in Hastings and surrounding Counties. Also as one farmer may retire it is great to see a neighbour purchase the land and keep it in agriculture. We meet so many nice folks in this business and it's a true pleasure to help them with selling or buying.

                         We wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER!                                                     

             May you enjoy the weekend with family and friends. 

Until next time, 

May the days warm up enough the we can
 go out and maybe fly a kite!

Jeanne & Kim

Ironically the above picture of the kite flyer was taken about 4 - 5 years ago and as we found a gorgeous day on Easter Sunday we actually were able to " GO FLY A KITE "  and below is the same kite flyer that many years later.


February 2016

Well we are just a week away from VALENTINES DAY as I write this February blog.


  Once again this year as in the past few ( see previous Valentine blogs in Archives ) I have been finding "clues" of the up coming day. While out on a walk with my canine friend we came across a whack of timely reminders.


       The first was a loose connecting

      wire on the fence that seemed to

            resemble a heart shape

The next was this Maple Key which had landed on the new 

fallen snow. It appears in a rather "elongated " version of a 

heart - but a heart shape non the less!

The 3rd clue I found was amazing! 

This last summers Hornet's nest was

tucked up against this barn board

 in all it's Heart shaped glory!

How ever you spend your Valentine's Day watch out for the clues of - love - all around us on this day and every day.  It could be warm thoughts of a current love, cherished
 memories of someone who has passed on, the giggles & hugs from a child or grandchild, the truly unconditional love from a pet, a kind neighbour, a beautiful sunrise/sunset, walking softly  in new falling snow - the list goes on. 

Hope today as I write this you enjoy a festive meal ( chili or maybe pizza & wings ) while taking in the 50th Super Bowl with family or friends or both!

We have made it to almost mid February with what some are calling an enjoyable winter. I have been able to walk, snowshoe, cross country ski, walk with ice picks, and in rubber boots.  Sometimes all in the same week as the weather could change that much.

The tulip plant on my kitchen window has bloomed a lovely soft pink and looks so 
"Spring-y" against the window and snow covered lawn. 

Spring will be here before we now it.

Until next time, 

Jeanne & Kim

January 2016

     Here it is almost mid January ( the 10th ) as I write this first blog of 2016!!!  The seniors in this family always said, "The older you get the FASTER life seems to pass."  After pondering this phenomenon for a few years and now actually witnessing what they said as true, that yes the time does seem to move along fairly quickly. I will however put another spin on it. Maybe, just maybe we can look at it that we are very blessed to have such full and active lives that TIME just seems to march on so fast because we are always " looking ahead " to another upcoming event. So when you "calendar watch" like this family tends to do for the next appointment, next hockey game, next social engagement it maybe just SEEMS like it's moving to quickly and before you know it your in the next month!

        I wrote in Kim's Century 21 Blog, see: about the lack of snow so far this winter and the hardship for the folks that depend on the white stuff for their income. So I won't repeat myself here but those that do require a true Canadian winter for their lively hood and also the maple syrup folks that need those deep cold temps for the trees to rest then produce syrup - may the weather soon cooperate. And as winter brings sleighrides and snowshoeing we also are looking for snow!
So as we greet the New Year with resolutions or not, we can certainly strive to slow down the calendar and enjoy each day as it comes. 

    If and when the snow does come please travel carefully on it or through it and enjoy it! At the speed the Calendar flips it'll be Spring before we know it!!!

                                                                        Until next time,
                                                                         Jeanne & Kim