May 2014



 Is it Safe to Put

   It Away Yet ?

As the last bits of snow hung on our daughter snapped this picture of one of our canine buddies. I think she's saying:

 "Enough is Enough, put this thing Away"  

MAY IS HERE! It isn't that it hasn't snowed in this month before but I feel
( hope ) it won't! ( have faith ).

As I walk the green hills of the back forty tonight I can't help but glance to the far side of the hills & imagine I'm on the moors in Ireland. So emerald green!      So Beautiful!

Another sign of spring is this wee Killdeer watching over her nest. If you look
 directly under her front feathers you can see the speckled eggs against the
 rocks. We spotted her at a property showing the other day.

A Sure Sign of Spring

Another sign for sure would be the odd mosquito flying about. Are they new to this year or left over from last?  They have an uncanny way of seeking us out. ( Black flies as well )

Enjoy the emerald green of grass and the soft lighter hues of leaves unfolding after a long winters nap. Watch for new hatching's as they will appear and lovely spring flowers emerging and we will all tolerate the mosquitoes etc...

A Very Happy Mothers Day to All

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim

April 2014

        H A P P Y      E A S T E R

I think Spring has Sprung! On a lovely walk with my pups this day and we hear all kinds of different birds singing. I can pick out the Woodpecker over in the woods, the Blue Jays shrill cry, a Robins sweet melody.

The grandchildren heard the Killdeer the other day and the Red Wing Black birds greet us every morning.

The last few nights the marsh across the way has hosted a wonderful serenade to fall asleep by as the frogs and other wildlife make their presence known.

The breezes have gentled after winter winds and the air is fresh and warmer. Soon the spring flowers will follow, winter will become a memory and  summer warmth a reality.

Enjoy the days of spring!

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim