The past 2 weeks has been unbelieveable for warm weather but shall settle down for a spell to something more seasonal.
This March/April time period always sees the farm receive its delivery of  " wee little chicks."

 The fuzzy little balls of fluff are much adored by big and small alike and their soft gentle chirps are ear pleasing as they explore their world.

As the grass continues to green and the fields dry up thoughts of grass cutting and crop planting fill our heads.
While patiently waiting on these activiities we have begun " Spring Cleaning " of all the barns and have planted the greenhouse ready for the BIG GARDEN.

I have included some SPRING FEVER pictures of  " Wallie" the pony.

Will post again soon.




On the farm spring has always been linked with  " new beginnings."  SEEDS,  PLANTING, BIRTHS.

Well the green house is up and  " growing."  We had spinach with dinner last night picked fresh from within, as well as carrots that I am still digging up " fresh " from the veggie garden that dwelled there all winter. They just get sweeter !  ( If you haven't tried this before we highly recommend it. )

Now, the births.  We no longer have equine foals on the farm anymore as all our horses are fellows. But calves have come this spring as well as 23 little piglets. ( from two different moms ! )

My gosh they are adorable when they're little and of coarse " cute " when bigger.

As the days grow slowly warmer we will keep you posted on the arrival of  the baby chicks that come later in March and then our very first litter of the Heritage Breed  Berkshire piglets that are due in May.

Until then think warmer temps and soft sunshine, gentle rains, and all things green.